A Closer Look- The Vyyer Whitepaper

A light technical breakdown into how Vyyer ID verification works, how it stacks up to the competition, and the impact our tech has on the industry and economy at large.

Extreme Accuracy

Stop fakes dead in their tracks using our best-in-class ID verification solution! We’re even able to catch the highest effort fake IDs on the market.

Instant Results

Our technology allows us to deliver verification results in under 0.1 seconds from the moment the ID is scanned, drastically reducing customer abandonment.

100% Anonymous

Our one of a kind verification process doesn’t rely on any sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) nor does it use a national database of any kind.


By modernizing barcode verification, we’re able to deliver next-gen performance at a price point that’s radically less than that of our competitors.

How it works

Unparalleled Accuracy

We’re able to catch the highest effort fakes using a blend of three techniques, primarily using barcodes. And when we say “accuracy” we mean catch-rate.

The Formidable Roadblock
The Problem
Barcodes are widely considered a dead-end verification technique. Prior attempts to improve it tried to create rigid rules for each of the 1500+ unique variations of valid IDs. This was problematic due to what we call the "Inconsistency Problem." States don't stick to a single standard, often make mistakes, and can change formatting without notice.
The Formidable Roadblock
A Transcendent Solution
The Vyyer Solution
Instead of creating inflexible rules for every unique ID types, Vyyer invented an adaptable system that splits barcodes into sub-components. There's a lot of moving parts to the system, some of which we'll discuss below, but in total we run almost 200 proprietary verification checks.
A Transcendent Solution

Transparency Alert!

You'll often see our big name competitors touting crazy numbers, such as "98.7% Accuracy."
If you want to catch fake IDs, these types of numbers are 100% meaningless.
To most people, the word "accuracy" means the catch rate of fake IDs. However, accuracy in the ID verification industry actually refers to the rate of successfully detecting an ID from an image, not the catch rate of fakes. So when our competitors say they have a "98.7% Accuracy" rate that is not the percentage of fakes they successfully identify.
Whenever Vyyer refers to "accuracy," we mean the actual catch-rate of fake IDs. No doublespeak.

How we deliver accuracy

Barcode data analysis

We split a barcode into a its sub-components and reverse engineer previously inaccessible information. We compare this information to computed values in order to self-authenticate the data.

Barcode fingerprinting

To counter spoofed real barcode data, we also reverse engineer barcodes' physical properties, including their relative positions and dimensions. These are extremely difficult to beat without expensive machinery.

Image fingerprinting

We compare data on the front with data on the back. This includes multiple barcodes, and soon both the positions of different text elements printed on the document using edge detection and the print quality.

What is Barcode Data Analysis?

Our main IPs in barcode verification can be summarized into three groups (swipe on mobile):

Header Decompilation
Extracting previously inaccessible versioning information by working inside-out and outside-in from known semi fixed markers.
First Field Algorithm
Locating the first field of the main body of the barcode. A difficult task when it's often "glued" to the header and in the wrong position.
Symmetry Equation
In order to self-authenticate the barcode, declared versioning info we normalized is referenced and compared against computed values.

Instant Results

Speed Comparison (Minutes)

Barcode speeds

Modernizing barcode technology not only unlocks enormous speed benefits, but allows near instant verification and the reliable use of the estimated $9.9 billion dollars worth of resources invested in REAL ID.
And Vyyer is so fast, we barely show up on the graph

SAAS delivery model

We verify our barcodes through our API, and all it takes is approximately 0.1 seconds for a result to be determined and the result sent back to the phone.

Frictionless = impact

Vyyer's ability to offer instant speeds in an industry where waiting 5-30 minutes for a less than reliable AI-produced result is the norm will have a major impact across many sectors of the economy.

Affordable Prices

Cost Comparison (USD)

Barcode are cost-effective

Again, modernizing barcodes has its benefits. They're extremely low cost, and we can pass those savings onto our customers.

Unlimited scans

For our mobile products, we're able to charge a flat monthly rate for unlimited scans. On the web we can go as low as $0.25 per scan. That's a major development in an industry where prices are as high as $2 per scan.

New use cases

Lowering market prices enable developing entirely new markets. Coupled with instant speeds, we can now reduce fraud, at cost-effective prices, and without added friction or lost customers due to abandonment.

100% Anonymous ID Verification

Solving a paradox

ID verification may seem inextricably tied to exposing your personal information to a third party. And for a long time, that indeed has been true. Until now. Vyyer's breakthrough innovation relies on no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to produce results.

PII scrubbed at the source

At the point of scan, Vyyer scrubs all PII before it's sent to us for processing. We don't need PII, it has no value to us, and we don't want it. PII removal happens locally, on the mobile device that scanned the ID or in the user's web browser.

What is decoded on IDs
Example Sensitive PII on IDs
Name: John Doe
License #: A16G-3910-17580
Address: 123 Main Street, NY, NY 10011
What is decoded on IDs
All PII scrubbed before transmission
What Vyyer Receives
License #: X00X-0000-00000
Address: 000 XXXX XXXXX, NY, NY, 10011
All PII scrubbed before transmission

Track & Trace. Anonymously.

Before PII is scrubbed we send our clients metadata extracted from consumers the ID, like demographics information.

We also create unique identifiers that facilitate track & trace features. All the anonymized customer data and all of your business workflow data is sent straight to a database they control.

Vyyer just does the anonymous verification. It's a win-win for analytics and consumer privacy.


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