Meet Vyyer, ID verification without all the hang-ups.

Instant, accurate, 100% anonymous ID verification packaged into affordable, multi-platform solutions for your business.

What does Vyyer do?

Vyyer is a privacy first company that builds ID Verification solutions 
for SMBs and Enterprises.

ID Verification

We’ve got the best in class ID verification. It’s 1000x faster, 3x cheaper and 5x more accurate than the competition.

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Data collection

Vyyer enables businesses to collect anonymized customer data from IDs. We also enable track and trace functionality. And, you own 100% of your business data.

Business solutions

We combine verification, data collection, and process automation into frictionless workflows for your business. Also, our tech unlocks critical, previously hidden, KPIs.

Our core competencies

What sets Vyyer Apart?

We want our competitive advantage to become your competitive advantage. To do that, we create awesome products, which nobody else can create, focused specifically on solving your industry’s unique problems. Additionally, we want our privacy focus to become your Unique Selling Point to consumers.

Stop Fraud Dead in its Tracks

Vyyer is able to offer many things in terms of ID Verification. First, we're able to catch even the highest effort fakes and stop fraudsters dead in their tracks. Second, our verification is instant. And third, it's cost-effective and super affordable. Click here to learn more about how our verification works.

You own 100% of your data!

The world's first 100% anonymous ID Verification is here. It sounds extraordinary, and it is. Our verification doesn't rely on any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or national database whatsoever to generate a result. Also, we transform sensitive PII on IDs into demographics "metadata" and we sent that straight to our customers. All business data is owned 100% by our customers, none of it goes to Vyyer!

Optimize Slow, Inefficient Tasks

Our tech is a multi-generational leap in ID Verification. Using it, we're uniquely able to create solutions for industries and verticals that weren't possible before. We can automate and unify business workflows that are "disjointed", meaning they rely on multiple tools to do one job. And, we take all that data and deliver it to a database you 100% own and control!

our offerings

What Products do we make?

Vyyer is actually a product platform built atop our ID Verification and Encrypted Barcode technologies. That means, we can create highly specialized solutions extremely quickly to solve our customers’ problems. Right now, we have 4 distinct products, but many more are coming soon. Click the images below to learn more.

Next Generation ID Verification is Here

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More Accurate
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Anonymized Data Can Transform Your Business
When you use Vyyer’s products, a wealth of sales and marketing information becomes available to you in realtime. You can have that data delivered straight to your visualization tool of choice. Or, we can create an analytics dashboard for you. And, best of all, all of that data is 100% anonymized.

Critical KPIs in realtime

The most important information is customer information and the information you gain while interacting with customers or the products they will be purchasing. Vyyer is able to generate all of this data for you, verify what needs to be verified, and give you critical KPIs in realtime.

Privacy is a Unique selling point

Finally, there's a way to collect ID information without infringing on your customers' privacy rights. Not only do you stay on the right side of regulations and laws, but also your customers will thank you for it. And it might give you an edge over your competition.

We also make custom solutions

If you want something custom, please check out our custom solutions page.

Want to learn more?

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