Supply Chain

Vyyer Supply Chain
Track and Trace Inventory.

Monitor inventory as it travels in and out of your distribution center and share information up and down the entire supply chain.

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Introducing QPCs, a New Kind of UPC

QPCs are 3 things; a normal UPC plus encrypted serial and batch numbers, which we verify.  

UPC Information
A traditional UPC number so the item can be easily scanned using any device that scans PDF417 barcodes.
Encrypted Serial Number
An encrypted serial number helps the entire distribution network verify a product's authenticity at any time.
Encrypted Batch Number
We add encrypted batch numbers that are linked to individual item serial numbers for quick bulk processing.

How will QPCs change your business?

Inventory Going In and Out

Verify goods coming and out of your warehouse are authentic, and keep detailed item-level stock records that update in real-time. Also, our QPCs are extraordinarily hard to replicate or spoof which drastically reduces fraud.

Product Handling Records

Once inventory is inside your warehouse, you need a way to keep track when, by whom, and to where inventory was moved. QPCs help you do just that. And also, our tech helps ensure minimal variances and shrinkage.

Delivery Receipts

When you're sending a purchase order, QPCs help you know the order was successfully delivered. You can also verify IDs of recipients to ensure above board deliveries.

Meet Just-in-Time Supply Chain Management.

With QPCs, the next evolution of Just-in-Time inventory management is here. JIT Supply Chain allows manufacturers and distributors to track and trace the flow and sale of individual items and batches across the supply chain. Armed with realtime supply chain data, manufacturers can produce exactly the right amount to match demand, and distributors know exactly when to place orders.

pinpoint precision

Reduce costs and increase productivity by knowing the flow of goods down to the individual item. If combined with Vyyer Retail, you'll even know when items are sold at the retail store and can collect anonymized information about your customers.

realtime analytics

All of the data generated by QPCs is shared in realtime to all authorized links in your supply chain network. Use this data to measure totally new KPIs, and react faster than ever before. And best of all? All your business data is owned by you, not Vyyer.

The Vyyer Difference
All our solutions are made to be unobtrustive.

Craft the workflow of your dreams without overhauling your existing systems. We easily integrate with ERPs, CRMs, and any internal databases. Overall, our product approach is to create “add-ons” to your existing infrastructure — we never want to create new problems while solving existing ones. And in doing so, we keep your costs low, friction minimal, and switching as easy as possible.


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