Vyyer Retail

Vyyer Retail

ID and Product Scanning for Stores

An fraud prevention and inventory management tool for in-person scanning use cases. POS and CRM integrations are available. Also, it works with our supply chain software. ​

One Seamless App
An Awesome User Experience
Once you've scanned the products and IDs, the cart will seamlessly sync with your existing POS system via USB or Bluetooth. It's that simple.
scan products

Checkouts Made Easy.

Scan UPCs using the same technology that makes our ID verification so great. We’ll help you set up your inventory to make the setup process as painless as possible.

scan ids

Fraud Prevention

Stay compliant with state and federal laws and regulations by using our anonymous ID verification and product verification tech. Works great for restricted items like alcohol, tobacco, tattoos, pharmaceuticals, and cannabis.

Ready to Improve
Your Workflows?
Let us reduce your friction!

Automate Workflows

Everything we do is built for speed. We help you to stop using manual verification or traditional barcode scanners, which interrupt and slow down your employees' workflows.

POS Integration

We also designed our app to connects to your existing POS system via USB and Bluetooth to synchronize the cart. Also, if you don't like your current POS, ask us how we can solve your problems.

Customize it

We can create unique, secure barcodes to replace dated UPCs or plaintext barcodes. Also, we can modernize your systems for scanning loyalty cards, returns receipts, gift cards, rebates, and more.


Built-in payments and full POS functionality are coming soon.

Get a Birdseye View of your Business
All the data your business generates is 100% yours. You own it, you manage it, we just support you with the best tools possible. Also, monitor and synchronize multiple locations at once!


Track purchases and returns over time. What are your customers buying, when, where, and learn why.


Learn about who your customers are, how far they traveled, who they interacted with, and tie it to a purchase.


Stay compliant with federal, state, and local laws and regulations by keeping records of all scanning activities.


Employees get accounts in the app for detailed performance tracking. All data can be tied to specific employees.

The Benefits
A Product with Immediate ROI
We created a product a compelling value proposition that was highly accessible, affordable, and easy to deploy. All it takes is one month to start seeing significant measurable benefits.

Secure Products

To maximize our software's impact, use our encrypted barcodes to secure and serialize your items, and track your inventory flows.

ID Verification

Vyyer Retail uses our breakthrough ID verification tech. It's instant, anonymous, and can stop even the best fake IDs.

Frictionless Checkouts

Use our scanning tech to create an optimal checkout experience for your customers, employees, and your business' bottom line.


Real-time feeds and visualization of sales, marketing, and customer data help you learn how to best engage with customers.

Live Reporting

If you're looking for reports on-the-go, our apps have built in reporting features. Also, you can monitor KPIs & metrics in real-time.

24/7 Support

You'll be assigned to your very own Support Manager who will be your first point of contact for all your ongoing support.

Why Wait?

Contact us for an always 100% free consultation. And, we're giving free pilots for the first 10 customers. Get yours today!