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Vyyer crafts enterprise solutions using our barcode and ID verification technology that's built to solve your specific problems.

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We Automate Your Business Workflows

Optimize your Processes

Vyyer can help you digitally transform your business by creating scanning solutions tailored to your business’ specific needs. This includes automating manual tasks, simplifying workflows by using a single tool, and having best-in-class ID and barcode verification. 

Collect Business Data

Using our anonymous ID verification tech, you can finally collect customer data without infringing on privacy rights! Collect process data too, like employee efficiency, when you automate your processes. Most importantly, your business data is owned and managed by you, not us.

Track & Trace

Track and trace customers, inventory, receipts, employee actions, rewards, product warranties and more. In addition, use it with our secure barcodes and anonymous customer tracking (UIDs) technology.

Fraud Prevention

Drastically lower fraud expenses and increase compliance by verifying customer IDs instantly, anonymously, accurately, and at affordable prices. Also, we offer encrypted barcodes for products and access control purposes.

We build versatile scanning solutions

Scan IDs

Next generation ID verification that's 250x faster, 5x more accurate, and at least 2x cheaper than anything else out there. Furthermore, it's 100% anonymous, meaning none of your customers' Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is sent to us during verification. Also, passport scanning is available.

Scan Products

Read UPCs easily with our scanning tech. POS add-on compatibility. Payments integration coming soon .

Scan Encrypted Barcodes

We can create unique, secure barcodes to replace dated UPCs or plaintext barcodes. Also, you can modernize access management systems for corporate ID badges, loyalty cards, insurance cards, rebates, and more.

We also deliver analytics.

Easily import business data into your visualization tool of choice, like Tableau or PowerBi. Conversely, we can develop a custom dashboard made to your exact specs.

Supercharge your KPIs

By integrating all of the tools at our disposal into your business workflow, you'll get critical data faster and more accurately than before. Best of all, you'll discover previously hidden trends to help you react in realtime.

Gain a competitive advantage

Let our privacy focus become a Unique Selling Point for your business and improve your Customer Experience. Likewise, we can help you stay ahead of the regulatory curve and reduce legal, compliance, and security costs.

The Vyyer Difference
All our solutions are made to be unobtrustive.

Craft the workflow of your dreams without overhauling your existing internal systems. To maximize value, we easily integrate with ERPs, CRMs, and any  internal databases.  Overall, our product approach is to create “add-ons” to your existing infrastructure — we never want to create new problems while solving existing ones. And in doing so, we keep your costs low, friction minimal, and switching as easy as possible.

The Vyyer Difference
We can build your dream solution in weeks, not months and years.

Anticipating our clients’ needs is core tenet at Vyyer. So, we designed our tech stack to be flexible. Meaning, we made sure our technology components are highly modular, allowing us to can mix, match, and create at warp speeds.

Possible Use-cases

Our cutting edge tech lets us explore markets our competitors can’t. Let us make your ideal solution happen!


Verifying IDs for age restricted items like tobacco, alcohol, & cannabis. Encrypted UPCs and POS integration possible.

Web solutions

Client onboarding, Single Sign On (SSO), account recoveries, and identity access management via the web and/or mobile.

Supply chain

Encrypted barcodes for tracking products up and down your value chain. Optimize Just-in-Time inventory management.


Solutions for law enforcement, tax refund fraud prevention, social security, Medicare fraud, and domestic travel.


Want to streamline guest check ins or add remote self-check ins? Also integrates with loyalty & membership cards.


Reduce healthcare/insurance fraud with an unobtrustive add-on that's built to comply with HIPAA. Vaccine passports possible.


Painlessly reduce payments fraud without increasing customer abandonment. Immediately when a payment is made that's large, unusual, or suspicious, we can flag it for instant ID verification. All it takes is seconds. Available for web and in-person use-cases.

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We can license any of our technologies for US or international markets.

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