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About Our Company

Vyyer is privacy first company that builds anonymous ID verification solutions​.

Our Vision

founded On two guiding principles

First, technology, if done in a socially responsible, and ethical way, can actually augment privacy rather than dilute it. Everything Vyyer does is in pursuit of this belief.

Second, data privacy doesn't require sacrificing data and business intelligence. In order to prove our commitment to these beliefs, Vyyer has dedicated years to developing our proprietary, first of its kind ID Verification technology which we currently leverage to create high-value solutions for SMBs and Enterprises across a wide range of industries and verticals.


Meet Our Amazing Team

Jason M.

Chief Executive Officer
Jason is the lead architect of all Vyyer products and IPs. He is also the author of our verification patents and he has a background in finance.

Bob M.

Chief Technical Officer
Bob has 30+ years of experience working at big names like Texas Instruments and has also worked closely with Intel and Qualcomm.

Daniel P.

Head Of Engineering
Dan's a wizard of all things back-end related, and he has created search engines for multiple travel agencies and several startups.

Vlad M.

Head Of Development
Vlad is an Android guru who has worked at big names like Samsung and helped launch successful startups like SkyEng.

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